Branch History

The Perth County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society was officially adopted by the OGS Council on September 10, 1983.

It all started on January 18, 1983 with an exploratory meeting arranged by the genealogical committee of the Avon Valley Historical Society and the Stratford-Perth Archives upon suggestion of Roger Harris.

With an encouraging turnout another meeting was held February 15. Those present told something about their “roots”.

On March 15, Mr. Arnold Nethercott of London, representing the OGS Branch Liason Committee, came to speak about the formation and the role of the branch.

At this meeting elections for the various officers were held.

Chairman – Lutzen Riedstra

Vice-Chairman – Ian Fisher

Secretary – Bev Wilhelm

Treasurer – Hugh McDermid

Membership Secretary – Roger Harris

Publicity – Robin Wilhelm

Research Co-ordinator – Ellenor Carruthers

Social Activities – Wanda Fisher

Cemetery Co-ordinator – Jim McCallum

Pedigree Charts Co-ordinator – Ann O’Brien

Librarian – Lynn Manktalow

Listowel Representative – John Hofstee

At our April Meeting, Mrs Eileen Whitehead of Woodstock spoke on her experiences during the beginning of a branch.

To stir up interest in the northern part of the county the May meeting was sponsored by the

Listowel Public Library and proved very successful.  In June two workshops were held at the Archives, one on research and the other on cemetery reading.

During the summer the Branch started reading the Hampstead cemetery.

In September the newsletter was organized.

Meetings were held on the third Tuesday of every month, usually at the Stratford Public Library.

Membership for 1983 was $4.00. In1984 it increased to $7.00 for individuals or $10 for a family.

NOTE:  This information was taken from the first newsletter called Perth County Profiles in the fall of 1983 written by Lutzen Riedstra Chairman.

By Shirley Hutton